Tri-Max 60



This powerful 227 Litre skid unit provides heavy duty fire fighting capabilities wherever needed. This state of the art unit fits most SUV’s, Utes, 4WD’s, Ambulances or HASMAT Compartments, and small utility carts. Ideal for Race Track, Parking Garages, Industrial Sites or anywhere an instant fire truck is needed.



227Litre COLD FIRE® TRI-MAX TM Foam solution produces approximately 4,500 Litres of High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam.

Able to be shot twice with on board air Skid units are fully self contained, featuring no moving parts and simple operation

The TRI-MAX TM 227 Litre provides heavy duty fire fighting capability. This skid unit comes with 30 metres of 25mm hose, an adjustable nozzle, and manual hose reel.



Tri-Max 60 Skid: 227 Litre CAF unit

Dimensions: 622mm wide x 1492mm high x 1524mm long

approx. weight 409kgs


  • Easy to Transport and is designed to be lifted by a forklift.
  • Unit can be easily moved from one vehicle to another and is designed to be cargo strapped in place.
  • Fully Self-Contained, No Pumps, Motors or Compressors.
  • Takes only seconds to put into service.
  • System can be re-charged in as quickly as 10 minutes.
  • 20:1 Product Expansion Ratio generates Approx. 4,542 Litres. Finished Foam.
  • Capable of discharging up to 1,150 L/Min with 25mm Hose Line.
  • DischargeRange up to 24 metres from 25mm Hose Line.
  • System can power 90m – 150m of 25mm Hose Line.
  • Reserve Air Cylinders for Immediate Re-charging.
  • Low Cost Training can be done with liquid dish soap.
  • TRI-MAXTechnology is over 100 Military Bases Worldwide.
  • Instantly Seals Flammable Vapors and Toxic Fumes..
  • Operation is simple and can easily be accomplished by one person.
  • ECOCold Fire® is Bio-degradable, Non-Toxic, Non-corrosive and has no ozone depleting substances and environmentally safe.