Tri-Max 30

The mobile compressed air foam fire suppression equipment of the future is here now!


  • HEIGHT 915mm
  • WIDTH 840mm
  • LENGTH 1.118mm
  • Can be turned on in 5 seconds.
  • Tank capacity – 113 litres AMSE approved.
  • Finished foam capacity – approximately 2271 Litres.
  • Foam discharge distance – 18.4m minimum. (No wind & above 0°C)
  • 1 or 2 each – Scuba air bottles (21MPA – 2.26m3 cubic metres.)
  • 1 or 2 regulators (28MPA, 2.46m3/m pressure)
  • Air hose – steel braided (6mm 2.1 MPA – 99 degree Celcius).
  • Fire hose – 25mm hard rubber or collapsible.
  • Hose length – up to 60 metres.
  • Pressure relief valve – 1400 KPA.
  • Hydraulic plumbing – 7MPA/42MPA.
  • Ball valves – 28 MPA
  • Fire hose valve – 1,400 KPA @ 16mm opening.
  • Variable foam expansion ratio – 5 to I to 40 to 1.
  • Performance – 1135 LPM maximum discharge.
  • Duration – 1 1/2 to 6 minutes.
  • Liquid dish soap can be used for training.


  • Creates superior foam blanket for covering fuel spills. Can be used for hazmat cleanup.
  • Fully portable, minimal space for storage, fits in any small utility vehicle or truck- Fits through doorways or elevators, environmentally safe, no moving parts or motors to breakdown, low maintenance, self contained. Operates in 45 degree and 90 degree position for space conservation.
  • Cools the surface and humidifies the fire.
  • Cold Fire encapulates the gas released from hydro-carbons, rapidly cooling and extinguishing the fire.
  • Performs exceptionally well when winds are present. Strong, erratic, head and cross winds often render other type systems ineffective.
  • Low cost to recharge, superior fire knock down capability, uses Cold Fire, adheres to vertical and overhanging surfaces, system can operate with up to 60 metres. of hose, foam causes minimal water damage, sensitive to drought conditions (uses less water).
  • Fighting fire from a distance offers greater safety.
  • Provides safety of personnel and the ability to reach the fire.
  • Generates up to 2,271 litres of foam per charge.
  • Using Cold Fire allows greater fire fighting maneuverability than water, foam filled hose is 4 times lighter than water filled hose.
  • TRI-MAX produces very tiny cold bubbles which form a dense foam blanket to quickly smother fire and seal off fuel vapors preventing re-ignition.