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Cold Fire™ Australia is the exclusive distributor for Tactical Fire Cans in Australia.

We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality of quickly deployed fire suppression systems for Police Vehicles, Police Special Operations, Federal Police Specialist Response Group, Correctional Facilities, Emergency Services – Fire Brigades and Ambulances.

Cold Fire™ Extinguishers and Tactical cans are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Helps protect your officers and citizens, everyone goes home safe.


Designed for a fast, effective response that saves lives.

Cold Fire™ was designed to save lives. Its cooling properties work to remove heat and fuel sources. This allows officers to immediately touch the burnt surface, whether a car door or a piece of equipment.

Further, Cold Fires non-toxic properties benefit both the environment, officers and fire victims. Because the product does not contain any harmful or corrosive chemicals, Cold Fire™ can be sprayed directly onto a fire victim and its cooling properties will allow a fast, potentially life-saving medical response.


For personal protection of First Responders. Purpose built Holder enables attachment to waste or vest, so hands are kept free.

Tactical Fire Cans are 30% lighter than alternative and 50% quicker to access and release. No loss of visibility and no fumes.

Civil Disturbance Units: Enhance Officer Safety. Have your deployed officers equipped with Cold Fire. In the event of a thrown fire bomb they can quickly extinguish the flames keeping themselves and their partners safe. Issue one can to each officer and he will have his own personal fire suppression system.

Corrections: Quickly put out spot fires and keep visibility. Bomb Squads: Cold Fire will quickly extinguish fires, including magnesium and ethanol.

Can be stored in temps from -29oC degrees to no higher than 43.3oC.

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