Application Methods

  • Cold Fire product can be added directly into fire truck booster tanks. Apply to fire in usual way; Cold Fire will extinguish fire faster using less water.
  • Cold Fire can be added or inducted into fire hose lines in order to attack larger fires, and no special equipment is required.
  • Add recommended dilution rate for application into Bambi bucket used by helicopters; apply on fire lines and hot spots.
  • Can be used with other approved airborne methods.
  • Can be used for structure protection by wetting the structure with proper dilution rate making sure all exposed areas are treated, under eves, porches, decks and establish a fire perimeter around structure appropriately based on oncoming fire condition.
  • Recommended application pressure for nozzle; 700-800 kPa, and pumps; 1000-1200 kPa.
  • Cold Fire can also be used in 6 and 9- litre water extinguishing units for first response. One litre of Cold Fire is added to 8 litres of water. Always add Cold Fire last to the mixture. Pressurise the unit to 850 kPa of pressure.
  • A personal ready to use Cold Fire 354ml high air powered pressure pack complete with holster for instant Rapid Cool Down of personnel.