Application Examples

Cold Fire products are environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents, leading the way in firefighting technology and revolutionising the way firefighters combat fires. Cold Fire can be used to cool down hot surfaces rapidly for added safety and increased productivity. Cold Fire products can be used in various ways;

  • Extinguishing various types of bushfires; grass/scrub, brush, heavy timber. Such as Cypress, Eucalypts etc.
  • Sawdust / Structure fires.
  • Structure protection from bushfires.
  • Cool down firefighters and equipment.
  • Additional protection in controlled burning.
  • Extinguish tyre, vehicle, paints & oil, and automotive fuel fires.
  • Protecting fuel storage tanks close to fires (keep them cool).
  • Protection from hot spot and fires from hot torch roofing applications.
  • Used in Sprinkler Systems & on board Package Systems, Race Cars Machinery.
  • Excellent safety product for plumbers, welders, mechanics and all who work with hot surfaces and open flame.
  • Used as a heat barrier, spray to help prevent heat damage and the possibility of hidden fires.
  • Use on closed loop systems such as sprinkler systems and on-board extinguishing systems.
  • Many other applications that require cooling of surfaces and combating other types of fires.